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Lost rss feed

Rafał Puka 3 years ago • updated by Diana Bocco 3 years ago 5

For some time rss feed natemat.pl missing. Flowreader displays the entries from the RSS feed, but does not show it on the list of feeds. Can you see the attached picture:

Link to the feeds: http://natemat.pl/rss/wszystkie

Thanks so much for you suggestion - that's a great idea!

At the moment, the spacebar is used to scroll down the page.

You can go to the next item using the keyboard shortcut J. To get started, just click on the item you'd like to start with and press J and you can view the next item. If you'd like to go back to the last item you viewed, use K.

These shortcuts work everywhere in FlowReader, not just the Reader tab.

Do these shortcuts work sufficiently for what you had in mind? And are there any other shortcuts that you'd like to see us add? I'm still definitely going to bring your request up with the team for discussion.


Hi Vickie, 

Let me start by apologizing for the problems, and I completely understand your frustration! We are currently experiencing an internal bug that is causing feeds to duplicate and push to the wrong accounts. So, the problem you are experiencing is most likely connected to this issue. Our developers have been working on this problem all morning and we hope to have it fixed soon. We realize the seriousness of the issue and have made it our number one priority! Thank you for your message and I apologize again. We appreciate your patience and understanding! 

UPDATE: This problem should be fixed now. Please contact me at elle@wikidi.com if you're still experiencing problems. Thanks again for your patience!


Keyboard shortcuts?

Lonnie Cherryholmes 6 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 6 years ago 0

Where are the keyboard shortcuts?  Does it have any?  Need them with all the feeds.  Please


Hi Lonnie, Thanks for the question. We are expecting to have basic keyboard shortcuts ready some time this week! 

UPDATE: Keyboard shortcuts are now there. However, the function is currently backwards. We will be fixing it today! 


How to see in the reader which account I used for login ?

Frantisek Polach 5 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 5 years ago 2
This would help me to choose the right account to login into the mobile version.
Hi Frantisek, 

Hopefully I can help you figure this out! Whichever account you chose to log in with should be automatically connected to FlowReader. 

You can visit your Settings page in order to see what account has been connected. You can also connect additional accounts in the same page, and also import your OPML file here. 

To access your Settings page you can: 

  • Click your account tab in the top-right corner and select Settings
  • Click Add content in the left column. 

Here's a screenshot of the Settings page: 

I hope this helps answer your question. Let me know if this wasn't what you were looking for and I'll do my best to help you figure it out. 

Thanks so much for your patience! I really appreciate it. 

~ Elle 

How do I delete posts saved for later?

Rafał Puka 4 years ago • updated by Diana Bocco 4 years ago 5
Nowhere can I find such an option. Some time ago I save for later some posts. I read these posts and now I would like to be removed from the "Saved for later", but do not know how to do it. Whether he is the option?

Social Media Services Integration

Andrew Adams 6 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 5 years ago 0
I know probably a lot of people have suggest some feature to be integrated in to Flowreader but i am just want to suggest on or two feature i like to see if all of the feature can be integrated from all the big social services like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many other popular social services that help share content with other users and across the web. Mostly if you could integrated to view post from what other user you are following are saying like for example say some one like you post and the retweet or like it then you will see that it post form twitter not having to go to Twitter or Facebook to see who like or retweet you post. I know someone else suggest this but could you also integrate Google+ post just like you have with Facebook and Twitter under the social tab. And if you could also integrate all options in twitter that now you have to jump to twitter to see the post if you also integrate all of the features right in to the social tab or at least integrate them as option under the twitter options. And if you could also do that with Goolge+ and Facebook.
Hi Andrew! Thanks for taking the time to make these suggestions, I've forwarded them to the product/design team for discussion. All of these are great and definitely in-line with our long-term goals for functions and features! 

how do you search for new feeds?

Shawn Kilbourne 6 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 5 years ago 5

how do you search for new subscriptions by subject? it's kinda like g-reader, but it's the similarities that are pissing me off when I think I should be able to do something w the feed only to learn I can't. C'mon.... it can't be that much more work to get these issues ironed out, can it???


Hi Shawn, 

Thanks for your feedback. I apologize for any inconvenience. I completely understand, and we are doing our best to improve our application based on what we hear from our users.  

We have been working very hard on some pressing performance issues, but we are planning to release some new features in the coming weeks that will hopefully help with some of the feature frustration you're feeling! We hear you, and I assure you the team has been reviewing all the suggestions and will be making changes accordingly. 

Thanks so much for your patience and for sharing your feedback with us! We really appreciate it. 

UPDATE: We've added Suggestions to give users ideas for feeds they can add by category topic. This tab can be found permanently in your left hand side menu. Suggestions will also be displayed automatically when you don't have any feeds added in your Reader. 

Under review

Text flow vs. big pictures

Jan Latal 5 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 5 years ago 2
When the feed includes a wider picture and the first words are short, they appear on the right side of the picture which doesn't look very nice - see examples.

Hi Jan, 

Thanks for your thoughtful feedback! This issue is something that the team has been working on solving. We're currently preparing a new readability update that we hope will resolve some of these text flow issues.

We'll be releasing more information about this update later this week on the blog, so I"ll be sure to let you know once it's out :). 

Thank you for your patience and for another useful suggestion for improvement! 

Have a great day! 


This the blog post about our upcoming readability improvements: http://blog.flowreader.com/sneak-peek-better-reada...


Mobile Devices And Mobile Applications

Andrew Adams 6 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 5 years ago 2

I know these features might be plan for future update to Flowreader or in development now but i couldn't find anyone else that suggest these idea so i though i post a suggestion myself to make it know through out the community of Flowreader user. So i would like to suggest even if it is in development i still like to suggest a more optimized version of Flowreader on mobile devices mostly the mobile browser basicly it is like ever other rss feed reader on a mobile devices when look up the website it just pull up the full site so i would like to suggest a more mobile friendly version of Flowreader on most of the mobile browser for example: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera and any of the other popular or most used browser on mobile devices. I have also notice that a lot of other service already have or have in development the mobile applications for both Android and IOS devices so that i what i also like to suggest even if it plan for the future or in development now i like to suggest it since other rss feed reader service are do it as well. I just really want to make these idea know because i know i am not the only that really want to read all of there feed through the regular website desktop and when their away for there laptop or desktop computer would like keep track of there feed on the go from any device. 

Hi Andrew, Thanks for the comment! We are working hard to optimize the mobile site to make it easier for our users while we work on our API and apps. 
Would you also be interested in using a client service before we had a native app? It is an option we are currently considering, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. 
Thanks again!


We're putting the finishing touches on our mobile version :) FlowReader should now be optimized for all your devices. 

Our API is still a work-in-progress and while native apps our in our long-term roadmap, they're not a main priority at the moment.