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Writing status (or feedback) loses focus

Vašek Brychta 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 7
When I write new status or even this feedback, the edit box i'm writing to loses focus, so I must select it multiple-times to be able to write my comment to the end.

This applies only for header field iIn this feedback form. The description doesn't lose focus.

I'm using Google Chrome 33.
Hey Vasek, 

Sorry for the trouble! Is this a problem that you're seeing on FlowReader or in our feedback forum? 


Import from OPML?

Kerry Benton 6 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 6 years ago 0

How about allowing import from a generic OPML file. Not *everyone* used gReader, and some may have bailed some time ago and made substantial changes since then...


Hi Kerry, 

Thanks for the suggestion :) We don't support it right now, but it will be one of our upcoming features! 

UPDATE: OPML/XML is ready! 


I want to be able to read the subscriptions I want...

Stephane 6 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 6 years ago 4

I have inside a folder some subscriptions from Mashable, Wired and so on...

and all the feeds are mixed together what I don't want; I will like to be able to separate the feeds from Mashable and Wired like in Google Reader; there is your folder and inside it, you have a list of all your subscriptions and you can click on the one you want to read...


Hi Stephanie, Thanks for your request! I just wanted to let you know that currently you should be able to do this. 

Here's how: 

  1. Click on the > icon next to any category in the Reader section. 
  2. A window will pop up and you will see each single subscription that you have. 
  3. Select the subscription/feed you'd like to view alone. 

Hope this helps! 


Manual Refresh Button

grubber 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 3

I think it was the best way to solve the problems of Flowreader. From what I read on the forum it before there was a button. Can not you bring it back? You would do a huge gift to its users. Very please.


OPML import does not import uncategorized feeds

Tomáš Jacík 6 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 5 years ago 0
Hi Tomas, 

Sorry for the inconvenience! Your uncategorized feeds should be importing as well, so I'm sending a report to the developers this morning. If it's not too much trouble, could I also ask you to send me a copy of your OPML subscriptions? My email is: elle@wikidi.com 

Thanks! ~Elle 

Sign in drop down links not working in ipad

Royston Teo 6 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 6 years ago 0


Hi Royston, 

Sorry for the inconvenience. I have forwarded this issue to the developers and will speak with them this morning. I'll update you as soon as I know more. Thanks for your patience! 

UPDATE: Sign-in menu has been fixed - we apologize for the delay! We had some other pressing performance issues to deal with, but it has been fixed. Please let me know if you run into any trouble. Again, sorry for any inconvenience and thank you so much for your understanding. We really appreciate it! 


All news in one timeline from all sources

Martin Štekl 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 5
It would be nice to have some view to see all news from all sources in one timeline. I like merging of Facebook and RSS timelines but I have to use separate panel for Twitter. It would be more useful if you will add some other service, Google+ for example.
Thanks for the great ideas, Martin! I'm definitely going to share them with the rest of the team and see what they think!

We'd love to add more services, especially Google+, but unfortunately their API is very limited at the moment. As soon as it changes, we hope to be able to offer this option in FlowReader.

Do you mind me asking if you find it confusing to have Twitter in a separate panel on the same screen? 

Also, in regards to merging all news together in one place from all the sources - do you mean removing stories that have nothing to do with content items? i.e. Posts from your friends about their social activities.

Under review

Merging of news from many sources

Martin Štekl 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 4
Let's say I follow some account on Twitter and also on Facebook. Sometimes they differ but many posts are the same. The same article can be published on Facebook account and I can see it in RSS too.

I would like see only one entry in timeline with some possibility to show all variations. It would be useful within my other posted idea about one timeline for all news.
Thanks again for sharing your ideas! I'd like to ask you a couple more questions if you don't mind :). 

Do you mean that the news item would only be shown once with a note about other places it's been shared?

Or, would the item be shown on Facebook, Twitter, and RSS with the different source variations? 

I'm looking forward to hearing more! 

Can not add feeds individually?

Luiz Claudio Lins 5 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 5 years ago 0

Hi Luiz! 

You can add single feeds through in your Settings page: 

1) Paste your RSS URL in the "Add subscription" box 

2) Select a category 

3) Click Add 

This is the only way to add single feeds currently. However, we are working on a faster way to add new content to your reader, which should be available very soon.