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Reader View with Tiles

Ramee El 4 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 4 years ago 1

The reader is very nice but I cannot use it as is as I really dislike the standard list form most readers use. The Expanded View provides a nice alternative however it does not offer the convenience of the readerview popup which is very clean. Therefore, I do hope in the future you will implement a reader view which runs with the Tile View, or at least the expanded view.

Refresh Button?

Ivan White 6 years ago • updated by grubber 3 years ago 5

Please add a manual refresh button, and also please add a setting for the auto refresh rate/or instant live streaming.

Also, any plans for a smartphone app??

Thanks for the suggestions Ivan - I'll pass them along! :) We do have plans in the future for an iOS and Android version! 

UPDATE: Manual refresh button is completed and live for you try! :) http://flowreader.com/

Is it possible to only get notified on feed in certain groups?

Arjo Poldervaart 2 weeks ago 0

I am also using the chome extension and I want to get notified on only a certain group of feeds, not all feeds in my account


Please add the ability to edit a feed

kwooitz 2 months ago 0

Please add the ability to edit a feed, for when websites change their feed url's, instead of having to subscribe to a new feed and deleting the old one.


Is there a limit for read and unread items?

anim8_me 5 months ago • updated by Andrius Žilėnas 2 months ago 1

Other online readers will only keep track of read/unread items for 30 days, is there any such limitation with Flow Reader?

Under review

I'm not getting any news for several hours now, is it just me?

Rytis K. 9 months ago • updated by Diana Bocco 9 months ago 4
Under review

Bug: reddit updated subreddits are not reflecting in flowreader

mohitrathore15 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 2

I have unsubscribed from from subreddits like r/AutoNewspaper but its still reflecting in my feed & also getting updated currently

Diana Bocco 1 year ago

Thank you for the message! Have you tried reloading the page and clearing out your cache? If yes, please copy here your User ID (found at http://flowreader.com/user/info) and we'll take a look at your account. 



Under review

Bug: Dialog box opens again & again

mohitrathore15 1 year ago • updated by Diana Bocco 1 year ago 1

When an option opens a dialog box like importing ompl it keeps opening same dialog on every click anywhere aftterwards, only way to resolve this is to refresh whole page. facing this issue on chrome browser


Saved for Later

Panos 2 years ago 0

Saved for Later dosen't work


feed://feeds.uxmag.com/uxm is not taken as a valid URL

Guillaume 2 years ago 0

This problem is similar to other public posts with the same URL format.