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Reader View with Tiles

Ramee El 8 years ago updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 8 years ago 1

The reader is very nice but I cannot use it as is as I really dislike the standard list form most readers use. The Expanded View provides a nice alternative however it does not offer the convenience of the readerview popup which is very clean. Therefore, I do hope in the future you will implement a reader view which runs with the Tile View, or at least the expanded view.
Under review
Hi Ramee! 

Thank you so much for your feedback :). I really appreciate you taking the time to share this with us! 

At the moment, our Expanded View only shows what the data the feeds provide us with (i.e. if the feed provides title-only or a truncated version of content, this is what we'll show in Expanded).

Read View, on the other hand, is the full-text and formatted version of the original article.

I just wanted to clarify to make sure I pass this on correctly: 

Your request is asking for an option for a full-text view of the article in Expanded View? Or a tile view (magazine style) option? 

Thanks again!