Lost rss feed

Rafał Puka 9 years ago updated by Diana Bocco 8 years ago 5

For some time rss feed natemat.pl missing. Flowreader displays the entries from the RSS feed, but does not show it on the list of feeds. Can you see the attached picture:

Image 20

Link to the feeds: http://natemat.pl/rss/wszystkie

Hi Rafal,

Thank you for the message. If you give me your user id (located here: http://flowreader.com/user/info), I'll take a look at your account and see what's going on.



ID: 54d6cb5c91254188528b456d

Its working now! We have just appeared in me a new category:

Many thanks for the fast and professional technical support service. You are wonderful :) If only Flowreader display the entries as soon as Feedly it would be the best rss reader in the world.

You're welcome! Glad we could help! Just FYI: you can easily move feeds between categories using drag'n'drop if you haven't done that already. Please let me know if you have any more questions!

- Diana