An error when trying to see the feeds

triampurum 7 років тому оновлено Diana Bocco 7 років тому 5

Ouch, sent it too early. So, when I'm logged in and try to just open flowreader (it should show the page with my RSS feeds), I see a blank page and the following error in the Chrome console:

build.js?md5=c62e565c83225a1458a99b7aae369fa4:8 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined
    at build.js?md5=c62e565c83225a1458a99b7aae369fa4:8
    at build.js?md5=c62e565c83225a1458a99b7aae369fa4:1
    at build.js?md5=c62e565c83225a1458a99b7aae369fa4:2
    at Ue.__iterate (build.js?md5=c62e565c83225a1458a99b7aae369fa4:2)
    at Je.__iterate (build.js?md5=c62e565c83225a1458a99b7aae369fa4:2)
    at r.n.__iterateUncached (build.js?md5=c62e565c83225a1458a99b7aae369fa4:1)
    at q (build.js?md5=c62e565c83225a1458a99b7aae369fa4:1)
    at r.A.__iterate (build.js?md5=c62e565c83225a1458a99b7aae369fa4:1)
    at r.forEach (build.js?md5=c62e565c83225a1458a99b7aae369fa4:2)
    at build.js?md5=c62e565c83225a1458a99b7aae369fa4:1

Tried it with a clear cache -- no luck. Chrome 60.0.3112.101, if it helps.

That bug made flowreader unusable. I can't even export my OPML file. My latest backup of OPML is very old. I'm completely stuck.


Hi there, 

Our team fixed it today. Thank you for letting us know! 

- Diana