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RSS feeds haven't updated

Jamie Anderson 2 years ago • updated by Diana Bocco 2 years ago 5

I've noticed that a number of my RSS feeds haven't updated. Of the 23 that I clear out regularly, only 4 have updated in the last 18 hours. Not all of these sites will have new content, but there are several which definitely do (e.g. arstechnica.com, techdirt.com).

Looking at previous issues, it appears that this has happened several times in the past. In all cases, Flow Reader staff have done something which has fixed the problem, but it appears temporary at best.

I've had this problem in the past, when I had fewer feeds. Deleting the feed and adding it back in fixed the issue in that case, but that's a workaround at best.

Could you please:

  1. Fix my immediate problem, so that my feeds come through.
  2. Look at what causes the issue and, if it's something that can be automated, provide a link somewhere in the UI for users to do this on their own.
  3. If the fix can't be automated and is typically fixes itself after some time, provide a method for users to force a refresh of one/all of their RSS feeds. A manual update is better than no update.

Nice reader

Nestro Vixhyr 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 4
Just wonna say i just discover flowreader and its something i was looking for for a while .. great job done here .. look up to more options.

Thanks so much! It's great to hear that you like FlowReader - it really means a lot to us. We'd love to hear if you have any ideas or suggestions that you'd like to see us add in the future and feel free to let us know if you need any help!  

Have a great Friday! 
Under review

Reader View with Tiles

Ramee El 3 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 3 years ago 1

The reader is very nice but I cannot use it as is as I really dislike the standard list form most readers use. The Expanded View provides a nice alternative however it does not offer the convenience of the readerview popup which is very clean. Therefore, I do hope in the future you will implement a reader view which runs with the Tile View, or at least the expanded view.
Under review

Missing read button on article

Barbuslex 2 years ago • updated by Diana Bocco 2 years ago 1

It missing a button to check an article as read.


"Rename feed" doesn't work

Jan Latal 3 years ago • updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 2 years ago 3
Hi. When I rename a feed it only lasts renamed until another feed is added to Reader. Then the names of all manually renamed feeds return to the original. (Win7, FF 28.0).
Greetings, Honza.
Hi Honza, 

Thank you so much for reporting this problem to us! I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. 

I've passed this on to the developers, and we're working on getting this fixed for you. 

Have a great day, 


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Reordering Feeds

mohitrathore15 2 days ago 0

Is it possible to reorder my feeds in any order I want? feeds are sorted in alphabetical order by default.


Bug: reddit updated subreddits are not reflecting in flowreader

mohitrathore15 2 days ago 0

I have unsubscribed from from subreddits like r/AutoNewspaper but its still reflecting in my feed & also getting updated currently


Bug: Dialog box opens again & again

mohitrathore15 2 days ago 0

When an option opens a dialog box like importing ompl it keeps opening same dialog on every click anywhere aftterwards, only way to resolve this is to refresh whole page. facing this issue on chrome browser


ReadLater: Instapaper

Dino Conte (dermitdemdino) 4 weeks ago 0

Do you plan to integrate Instapaper?