Your comments

Thanks a lot! I know about these possibilities in the panel and I use it because it works relatively well.
Thanks! I did not know there are some legal limitations. It is more clear for me now. Can not wait for some amazing news in Flow Reader!
I am not confused exactly. It is just uncomfortable for me because it is just another news source so what is the reason to keep it in separate panel?

Well, some of social activities could be considered as content items for someone. There is a lot of many different social activities and some are and some are not interesting for me. Let's say my fried get engaged so I want to know about it and it is a content item for me. However if the same fried likes some new page/profile does not need to be interesting (depends on liked page and my relation to the friend). I know it is hard issue but this is what I see as personalised news feed.
As you say I would like to be shown only one source at first (do not know how to choose the one) and some note about other places where it appears. The information itself is the important thing here. If I want to know where else it was shared I can do one more click but usually I do not need it.
It works for me. Thanks!
Thanks for so quick answer!