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Wellington Gasparin 9 years ago updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 9 years ago 7
It would be nice if exists a favorite option.

This way, i could use "save for later" to read later and a "favorite" place where i can find posts that a liked and would like to keep.

Under review
Hey Wellington,

Thanks so much for your suggestion! You should be able to view your Twitter favorites in the Saved for Later page.

When you favorite a tweet, it will show up here under Twitter Favorites:

Hope this helps! Let me know if you had something else in mind :) and I'll make sure to pass it on to the rest of the team.

Have a great day,
Hello Elle

I'm sorry, i didn't explain well. What I mean is a Favorite for my feeds from Reader.

Hey Wellington,

Thanks for letting me know!

Just to clarify before I bring this to the rest of the team, you'd like:

  • Saved for later to be a section for posts you'd like to read later.
  • A separate Favorites section to help you keep track of posts you'd like (including your favorited tweets)
Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us!
Thank you to hear me.

Saved for later already exists and it works nice.

Yeah, a separate Favorites section would help me keep track of posts i'd like, it could include my favorited tweets, but actually, in my case, won't help me because i don't use twitter so much.

Okay, thanks for clarifying that for me! I will pass this on to the rest of the team. Hope we can come up with a solution in the future for you :).

I really appreciate you taking the time to share this with me, it never occurred to me that someone might need to use Saved for later v.s. Favorites differently for keeping track of posts.

Have a great day!