XML file was not loaded (OPML import) after few hours.

Marek Lisy 3 years ago updated by Ken May 3 years ago 4

XML file with all saved subscription was not loaded. could you please take a look at it.

thank you


G2reader.com is ceasing operation at the end of the month and recommended this site. i got an OPML file from there and tried to import here, but nothing is showing, nor an error message. Please advise, thanks!

Well the issue isn't flow reader after digging into it. the OPML g2reader was generating, doesn't list any feeds. I emailed them, but got no reply. I can't find the export on the g2reader site any more. My take at this point, is do the subscriptions yourself. I did. I found theoldreader.com is good replacement also.

Dang! I just confirmed that.

Does anyone know if TOL or Flow Reader also provides an rss feed for my starred items?