Can't seem to view or read any of my feeds.

newsjunkie247 5 years ago updated by Diana Bocco 5 years ago 8

I can't seem to view or read any of my feeds. 

same for me - all feeds seem to be removed

First no updates over the day and them a lot of server errors and now not a single of my feeds there

Same here. I see my categories but no feed.


Hi there,

We had a server issue and during the process of correcting it, the feeds were momentarily gone. They should be back now -- please let me know if you still don't see them or are experiencing any issues.

- Diana

My old feeds are still missing. (I had added two new ones when they were first missing which perhaps I shouldn't have done). 

It's strange, I see the articles for the missing feeds, but not the feeds themselves. 

Ah, they seem to have reappeared when I added another one. 

Please let us know if you experience any other issues -- everything should be up and running now!

- Diana