504 gateway time-out error

Bop 9 years ago updated by Diana Bocco 9 years ago 3
Are others seeing this? Since yesterday, I keep getting a 504 gateway time-out error on flowreader. Refresh doesn't usually work. It just loads for several minutes then throws up the error. From time to time it will load the page, but then the error kicks in again if I refresh. Occasionally it says that there are no feeds or pages in my group, but that's not possible because it includes feeds like the bbc that update constantly. Also, if I refresh, then they show back up again briefly. This is happening on my homepage and subfeeds. I'm on a unviersity LAN connection in the Netherlands that is fine except on flowreader.com. Thanks.

Hi there,
We were working on a new version of FlowReader yesterday so it's possible that the timeouts were connected to that. It should all be back to normal today! If you experience any more problems, just let us know your user ID (you can find it on this link http://flowreader.com/user/info) and we'll take a look at your account and make sure everything's working properly!