False advertising ?

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Hi, in addition to my own comment, I've also found a Feedback comment with the same point from over a year ago.

Over a year - and you have not updated your info.

Your frontpage says this :

All Your Favorite Sources

FlowReader is a simpler, faster way to manage your online content. Add your favorite social networks like YouTube or Twitter, import your feeds, and start enjoying all your updates in a single flow.

That appears to be a lie since there are no options to add multiple feeds to the "single flow" - I ONLY see the option for Twitter.

This NON-EXISTENT feature is the ONLY reason I came to this site.

Very disappointing to find it was not true because I'd thought FlowReader looked like a professional offering.



Hi there,

Thank you for the message. What are you trying to add that isn't working? You should be able to add blogs and YouTube into your feed, for example. Is that not working for you? Or are you trying to add something else?

- Diana