Have a feed for facebook timeline

Joy C. 9 years ago updated by Laven Pillay 7 years ago 6

I joined thinking that I could have a way outside of facebook to read my newsfeed (as well as twitter, all in one). But I don't see anything from my friends of facebook. Is this possible?

Hi Joy, Facebook feeds are not supported at the moment. If this changes in the near future, I'll let you know. Thank you for trying FlowReader!

Hmm, then I guess I don't understand what the home page means when it says "FlowReader is a simpler, faster way to manage your online content. Add your favorite social networks like Facebook or Twitter, import your feeds, and start enjoying all your updates in a single flow." I'd like to have my Facebook and Twitter in a single feed.

Sorry, to be clear: We used to support Facebook feeds but this has been suspended for the time being.


Then, please say so on the home page. Similar services were at least that honest in their blogs or home pages. I had the impression you actually had that capability.

I agree with Joy C - this is basically false advertising, because that's the ONLY reason I came to FlowReader in the first place. Disappointing.