some RSSs cannot be added by first adding

Jiří Pavlíček 10 years ago updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 9 years ago 3
Some RSSs cannot be added on first adding. Its first adding show "read error" and second adding show "allready added". It is for example http://www.roboterm.cz/rss.rss and http://www.podnikanivusa.com/feed/.

I like flowreader's gui and responsive mobile interface for phone/tablet, this is better than feedly! But I feel like flowreader first beta-tester. Many feeds cannot be added without error message/or contacting support.
Hi Jiri, 

Thank you! That's awesome of you to share :), and I definitely hear you about the feeds. We're still working out a way to make our library more tolerant because we've had trouble with certain feeds. 

I checked http://www.podnikanivusa.com/feed/ from your first report and it was pulling content into my reader. If you don't mind, could I just ask: 

  1. What browser are you using? 
  2. What OS are you using? 
  3. Were these problems on both the web and mobile app? 
You can also email me directly elle@flowreader.com if it's easier for you. 

Thanks again for your report and patience with us!