Is there any keyboard shortcut for save later?

Martin Tiršel 9 years ago updated by Elle Sidell (Community Manager ) 8 years ago 4
When moving between feeds with shortcut, it would be nice to "save later" with a shortcut too. And it should be usefull to have some help page (I didn't find any) with shortcuts or other usefull things.

Hi Martin! 

Thanks so much for your suggestion! I talked to the team this morning and we're going to add a Save later keyboard shortcut :). 

For the time being, you can press "?" to find a list of all the available shortcuts. However, based on your ideas we're going to either add a new help page or better tool tips to make it easier to navigate it FlowReader. 

Thanks again for helping us improve! We really appreciate your feedback. 

Have a great day, 


New keyboard shortcut was released today! Press "S" to save RSS items to your Saved for later tab.