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MAY 23

Job Interview Tips to Avoid a Disaster Interviewby Staff / 9dHere are job interview tips in order to prepare for an interview. Do a quick self-evaluation and reflect on how you can improve to avoid blowing the interview on small details. Ensure that you turn off your cellphone Avoid any distractions during the interview. Even in vibration mode, people can still hear your cell phone in a silent room. The best option is to switch it off completely. Look your

MAY 09

Leveraging AI to Fight Wildlife Extinctionby FlatfilesponsoredScientists are racing to catalogue the biodiversity on Earth as extinctions continue to occur.How to Stand Out in a Virtual Interviewby Staff / 23dMany companies offer to work virtual. Everything is now done from the comfort of your home. Some companies do job interviews virtually. Many companies today organize zoom meetings to communicate with various applicants. Perform extensive research on the company you applied for, knowing what they do, what their day-to-day activities look, and the organization’s goals and vision. The next step is t