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IT Blog by Galido Networks provides you with information and links from tech blogs to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to technology related topics.


6 Time Management Tips for Project Managersby galidon / 27moInformation Technology Blog - - - Information Technology Blog It’s so easy to feel like a busy fool at work these days. In an increasingly connected world, we are never very far away from a distraction that can easily pull us away from completing a task and for busy project managers this can be tricky; creating chaos and disorganization as we flit from one task to another, never quite sure if weWhy Should Businesses Care About These Reliable Webdesign Trends?by galidon / 26moInformation Technology Blog - - - Information Technology Blog In this era of digital technology, it is important to have an online presence, especially if you have a business. Online presence starts with having a website. First, there is a need to present your information concerning the business through specific patterns, designs, layout, and text. Therefore, you need an outstanding web designerSocial Media Ads: What Is The Cost Of Advertising On Twitter?by galidon / 26moInformation Technology Blog - - - Information Technology Blog Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels today, and is also one of the primary means of communication, especially of millennials. It is an online platform that allows you to post updates that should only contain up to 280 characters (originally 140 characters). In your tweet, you can also include links to relevant websLike a captain needs a crew, your app needs…by FlatfilesponsoredCompanies of all sizes use Flatfile to get all the disparate customer data you can't get with ETL Tools.

MAR 04 2020

4 Things to Remember When Promoting Your Business Onlineby galidon / 26moInformation Technology Blog - - - Information Technology Blog With the majority of businesses operating or marketing their products and services online, it can be easy to forget some of the basics behind promoting your