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AUG 28

50 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Realtors to Generate More High-Quality Leadsby Nick Tsai / 6dDoes your real estate business need some help? Do you want to convince more people that you are their best partner to sell or buy a property? If these questions both get a big YES, then, it’s time to take your real estate business to the next level! Arm yourself with the top 50 real estate marketing ideas targeted to help realtors like you generate more high-quality leads in no time. Offline IdeaRealtor Social Media Marketing – How to Use Social Media for Real Estate Businessby Nick Tsai / 6dA smart and solid social presence is a must for any business. However, the importance of realtor social media marketing can never be overstated. In fact, social media is like a goldmine for today’s real estate businesses. But just like a real-life mine, hard work is necessary before you can finally strike gold and get your hands on it. Here are some of the top practical tips on how to use social

AUG 27

Real Estate Marketing on Social Media – 13 Tips To Generate More Leads Onlineby Nick Tsai / 7dBusinesses of all types, shapes, and sizes can benefit a lot from social media. However, the real estate industry should take advantage of social media even more. After all, it is not easy and simple to attract real estate leads in this competitive field. As more and more homebuyers turn to the internet to search for their new homes, it makes more sense to take advantage of real estate social medHow Realtors Get Leads? Where to Get Leads for Real Estate Businessby Nick Tsai / 7dYou have finally got your hands on your much-coveted real estate license. You have also been accepted to your dream company, and some new clothes are sitting in your wardrobe waiting for you to wear to your first client meeting. Sadly, your job as a realtor isn’t always as simple and easy as sitting at your desk and waiting for leads to fall into your lap. Learning how realtors get leads and wher

AUG 26

100 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas for Realtors to Generate More Leads Onlineby Nick Tsai / 7dDoes it feel like something is lacking with your current social media marketing strategy? Do you have a social media strategy in place, but it feels as if it doesn’t generate the kind of results you are expecting? Social media is one of the best ways to get in touch with both your present and past clients. It is also a great way for you to get your name out there and help new clients find and dis18 Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Brings Realtors and Brokers More Leadsby Nick Tsai / 8dAs real estate technology progresses at breakneck speed now more than ever, it is not really surprising that brokers and realtors alike are often overwhelmed as to what real estate marketing strategy suits them best. Lead generation is a particularly common challenge in today’s cutthroat real estate industry. Instead of trying to deal with it head-on without any plans in place, it is better to ta

AUG 25

How to Generate Leads in Real Estate – Best Realtor Lead Generation Tipsby Nick Tsai / 9dThe core of a successful realtor strategy is driving repeat and new business. But contrary to popular belief, lead generation real estate is simple and easy, as long you know what to do and how to do it. In fact, there are several ways how to generate lead in real estate. You can focus on sellers or buyers, cast a wider net to increase the number of potential leads, or use additional tactics and

AUG 24

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent By Gary Keller Summary – 8 Critical Lessons for All Realtorsby Nick Tsai / 10dThe millionaire real estate agent by Gary Keller is one of the best-seller books in the real estate world, and it’s also a must-read for all real estate agents, In this article, I will share with you 8 important lessons you can learn from this book. “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” by Gary Keller is undoubtedly the best real estate book which explains real estate marketing strategy , the tools