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‘Overlord’ English Voice Cast Revealed For Season 4by Jacob Airey / 10minIsekai fans got some good news with ‘Overlord’ returning for a fourth season. The show is produced by Japanese animation studio Madhouse and is based on a series of light novels by author Kugane Maruyama and illustrator so-bin for Tokyo-based publisher Enterbrain. Crunchyroll announced that they had acquired the rights for the English dub. They […] The post appeared first on D-Rezzed .Twitter is Mad That ‘Massage Freaks’ Exists and is Coming to Nintendo Switch.by Kneon / 10minMassage Freaks is coming (no pun intended) to Nintendo Switch, and Twitter seems to be very salty that Nintendo would allow such a NSFW game on the platform. Massage Freaks is a rhythm game about… massage. Yes, the gameplay involves rubbing a variety of anime girls the right way in time to the music. Each […] The post appeared first on D-Rezzed .Netflix To Adapt ‘Burn The House Down’ Mangaby Jacob Airey / 10min‘Mitarai-ke, Enjou suru,’ known in English as ‘Burn The House Down’ is a suspense drama manga written and illustrated by Moyashi Fujizawa. It was released in Japan by Kodansha in 2017 and in the United States by Kodansha USA starting in 2022. Designed to be a thriller, Netflix has announced that they are developing a […] The post appeared first on D-Rezzed .Now We All Know What’s In Felix The Cat’s Stomachby Mike Phalin / 10minFelix the Cat is now 103 years old and the newest addition to Mighty Jaxx‘s XXRAY series. The black and white cat with the yellow magic bag of tricks stands at 7.5″ tall to his head and 8.9″ to his ears. Half of Felix’s body reveals his skeleton, and it appears that the cat’s stomach […] The post appeared first on D-Rezzed .Crunchyroll Announces ‘Shoot! Goal to the Future’ English Dubby Jacob Airey / 10min‘Shoot!’ is a young adult sports manga created by Tsukasa Ooshima and published by Kodansha in their ‘Weekly Shōnen Magazine.’ It from 1990 to 2004 for a total of thirty-three volumes. Starting in July 2022, the Japanese animation studio EMT Squared launched a reboot of ‘Shoot’ in the form of an anime titled ‘Shoot! Goal […] The post appeared first on D-Rezzed .Shout Studios Is Bringing ‘Ike’ Boys’ To Americaby Jacob Airey / 10minShout! Studios announced that they had acquired the rights to the science fiction film ‘Ike’ Boys,’ a live-action and animation hybrid feature. It is directed by Eric McEver who co-wrote it with Jeff Hammer. The movie was made by Wisconation Productions and Best Medicine Productions. “A clever blend of live-action and animation, IKÉ BOYS is […] The post appeared first on D-Rezzed .Anime Matsuri Creates A New Dubbing Studio With Vic Mignognaby Sarah Leone / 10minAnime Matsuri held a special livestream on their Youtube channel on Sunday night to announce they created their own dubbing studio. The new dubbing studio started in November 2021 and they have already started recording. Deneice and John Leigh from Anime Matsuri traveled to Japan to meet up with Nippon Animation for a collaboration. Nippon […] The post appeared first on D-Rezzed .Sideshow Teases Three New Upcoming Collectiblesby Mike Phalin / 10minA trio of new collectibles was teased this week over at Sideshow collectibles. These previews include Premium Format Figures of Wolverine (Ronin), The Joker, and a statue of Olivia De Berardinis’s Frankie Reborn. Wolverine as a Ronin is something we only got a small taste of during Fox’s X-MEN days. The Wolverine was our brief […] The post appeared first on D-Rezzed .Miles Morales Swings Into Action With A New Premium Format Figureby Mike Phalin / 10minAfter years of trying, I think Marvel has finally managed to make Miles Morales more than just “that other Spider-Man.” His starring role in 2018’s Into the Spider-Verse helped a lot. I’d somewhat forgotten about him after those early Ultimate days. The animated film gave him a lot of unique character traits I felt he […] The post appeared first on D-Rezzed .The Spice Must Flow: Super7 Introduces Dune ’84 ReAction Figuresby Mike Phalin / 10minRegardless of how well received the most recent Dune film (or series if it ever gets a sequel) is, David Lynch’s version of Frank Herbert’s works from 1984 still remains a cult classic bit of sci-fi. For all its faults, the movie has transcended mear media and has become something else entirely. Now you can […] The post appeared first on D-Rezzed .