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Roe v. Wade Rant, Path To Moloch In Sacrificing ChildrennowMy personal rant on Roe v. Wade decision. It's just a deception. It now allows each State to murder babies beyond what Roe v. Wade allowed under the Federal protection around 23 weeks. More evil will now propagate than ever before due to this decision. The decision was not made to serve the people or the babies in the womb, but it served the States who are wanting to make the killing legal up to

JUL 10

Chap 3, Icebergs That Sink A Marriage Like the Titanic6dDon’t withdraw your affection from the little things. This article speaks about showing your affections in the little things to keep your marriage strong and healthy, posted at https://www.savedandloved.com/post/chap-3-icebergs-that-sink-a-marriage-like-the-titanic . Buy the Cinderella album at https://www.savedandloved.com//product-page/cinderella .

JUL 04

Chap 2, Icebergs That Sink A Marriage Like the Titanic12dGod ordained marriage, Chapter 2 of this series. Posted at https://www.savedandloved.com/post/icebergs-that-sink-a-marriage-like-the-titanic-chapter-2 . Please subscribe or donate to my website if the articles are helpful to you.

JUN 25

Chap 1, Icebergs That Sink A Marriage Like the Titanic21dIt's a new series on biblical marriages and how to avoid icebergs along the way. See full article, https://www.savedandloved.com/post/icebergs-that-sink-a-marriage-like-the-titanic-chap-1 .

JUN 22

Become A Living Stone On Our Journey With God, Part 724dThe final chapter in this series with our Journey With God. Article posted at https://www.savedandloved.com/post/become-a-living-stone-on-our-journey-with-god-part-7 . If you like this series, please subscribe or donate to my website.

JUN 20

Through The Furnace On Our Journey With God, Part 625dTest of faith with our journey with God, part 6 of the series. See the article posted, https://www.savedandloved.com/post/through-the-furnace-on-our-journey-with-god-part-6 . Please subscribe or donate at the site if you enjoy this podcast.

JUN 19

Prayers For You27dPosting prayers for all of you will be my weekly series and sending you guys some love with a song at the end for joy and encouragement. If you have a prayer request for our prayer group to pray over your needs, please send me a message at my website, www.savedandloved.com. Please subscribe or donate at my website. Also, if you enjoyed the song in this podcast, please buy David Harvey's album on