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Spacedoc – Your expert with 30+ years experience

spasedoc.net is the source of up-to date and meaningful information on all topics regarding a human’s wellbeing. With my background in medical studies and my profound knowledge of all areas of nutrition, I am able to give you clear and honest advice on topics such as supplements, pregnancy, weight, skin care etc. My aim is for you to better understand health issues, get proper guidance about your diet and nutrition and gain peace of mind! Because the most important thing when it comes to health is not how much you know, but how much you feel.


Clove Oilby duane / 3hA colorless to fade yellow vital oil that is obtained from cloves, provides eugenol, has an effective germicidal action, and is used topically to ease toothache. [1] History of clove bud essential oil Clove buds obtained their name from the Latin term ‘clavus’ implying ‘nail’, a reference to their distinct shape. The clove tree holds a special symbolism in the islands of its origin; generally, whMate Teaby duane / 3hMate tea or paraguay tea is a drink prepared from the brazilian holly, infused in water and sweetened with charred sugar and often seasoned with lemon juice. [1] Overview Yerba mate, likewise called mate, is a popular drink similar to coffee or tea. It’s made from the leaves of the ilex paraguariensis plant and includes caffeine . caffeine and other chemicals in yerba mate can stimulate the brain


Maqui Berryby duane / 1dThe maqui berry harvest usually happens in mid-february– give or take a few weeks on either side, depending upon weather. The general growing area for the maqui berry is a reasonably straight line north to south, from los ángeles down to coyhaique. Surprisingly, the elevation where rishi sources the maqui is rather low– 500 feet above sea level. Maqui is likewise known as the chilean or patagoniaManganeseby duane / 1dis a grayish-white typically tough and fragile metallic element that looks like iron but is not magnetic and is used specifically in alloys, batteries, and plant fertilizers. [1] Introduction Manganese is a mineral that is discovered in numerous foods including nuts, vegetables, seeds, tea, entire grains, and leafy green veggies. It is thought about an essential nutrient, because the body needsMatchaby duane / 1dis a high-grade green tea ground into powdered type. The green tea powder is whisked into warm water, instead of soaked, to form a frothy drink. The meditative act of preparing, providing, and drinking matcha is the backbone of the japanese tea ceremony. While matcha’s origins are ritualistic, the green tea powder is widely popular all over the world in beverages like tea lattes or boba tea, andManuka Oilby duane / 1dManuka oil is a vital oil acquired from the steam distillation of the leaves and little branches of the manuka tree, Leptospermum scoparium. manuka is typically known as mānuka, or New Zealand tea tree . manuka grows throughout New Zealand, and is particularly common on the drier east coasts of the North and South Islands. It likewise grows in parts of Australia, such as Tasmania, Victoria and NeMangosteenby duane / 1dis a dark reddish-purple fruit of southeastern Asia with a thick rind and juicy flesh having a flavor suggestive of both peach and pineapple. Likewise: a tree (Garcinia mangostana) of the Saint-John’s- wort family that bears mangosteens. [1] The history The progressive boost in awareness of the mangosteen beyond the Malay Archipelago, its native variety, was a long and sluggish process. The few

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Greek Mountain Teaby duane / 1dGreek mountain tea is made up of plants associated with the family of sideritis. For that reason, it is also called sideritis. The name originates from the greek word “sideros” which really means iron . Greek mountain tea is primarily found in the mediterranean area. [1] Overview Mountain tea is a naturally caffeine -free organic tea made from a single range of the sideritis plant. Also referredGreen Coffeeby duane / 2dGreen coffee beans are merely routine coffee beans that haven’t been roasted and remain entirely raw. Their extract is popular as a dietary supplement, but green coffee can also be acquired in whole-bean kind and used to make a hot beverage, just like roasted coffee . [1] History Botanical evidence shows that coffeea arabica came from on the plateaus of central ethiopia, several thousand feet aboAlmond Oilby duane / 2dA colorless or pale yellow bland and nearly odor-free nondrying fatty oil revealed from sweet or bitter almonds and used as an emollient in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. [1] Introduction Almonds are the edible seeds of the prunus dulcis tree, more commonly called the almond tree. Almonds are typically described as nuts, they’re in fact the seeds discovered at the center of the almond fruit, whic